Healthy Repetition

Wellness Programs

i.Art Fitness partners with companies and teams to bring regularly scheduled fitness classes, wellness workshops, team building activities and corporate keynotes as apart of their comprehensive worksite wellness programs. We also send monthly e-blast to company participants with fit-tips and discounts to local gyms, fitness studios, and healthy eateries. Our goal is to help your team/employees identify healthy habits that they personally find inspiring and entertaining and how/where to continue that outside of the i.Art wellness program. When rolled out with regularity, these programs are known to hieghten workplace morale, bring down absenteeism, and help with employee’s personal health regime (mind, body, soul). Our motto is healthy people equals a healthy culture that can laugh louder, work harder, and move mountains.

Programs can be built out quarterly, bi-monthly, or annually.  Each program is uniquely different and comprised of the following services:

Group Fitness
(All necessary equipment, fitness towels, sound and audio provided).

Spin Class
Circuit Training-Bootcamps
Twerk Class (all female class)
Group Led Hikes
Urban Walking Tours

Wellness Workshops

Holistic Nutrition 101
Fats & Protein
Colorful Carbohydrates
Sustainable Nutrition Superfoods
Letting go of Sugar
Eating Organic on a Budget
Eating for Beauty
Eating for Women’s Health
Fermented Foods & Probiotics
Mindful Eating
Raw and Living Foods 101

Team Building and Corporate Keynotes

The UCG Program-Build­-a-Bike Charity Event
Scavenger Hunts
The Art of #U
Goals, Goals, Goals!

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