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i.Art Fitness team building activities are designed to enhance individual and team growth through key learnings and experiences that utilize various sets of skills, trust and communication. Team building activities are meant to enhance the workplace experience and are packaged as full-day, half-day, and 2-hour events. Excellent for corporate settings, conferences and company retreats! Check out our core team building programs and reach out for additional information.

The Art of #U


The Art of #U is a team building program focused on  understanding your personal value system through a series of multi-media tests and games.  Attendees learn how to leverage those values, in addition to understanding what values drive their teammates.  Activities are meant to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and those around them to improve personal wellness and promote healthy relationships. Reach out to learn more!

The UCG Program

View from bicycle spoke on kids with helmets and bikes on path in field

UNDERSTAND. CREATE. GIVE BACK! The UCG Program is a build-a-bike donation activity.  Attendees are given a personality assessment prior to the activity (to UNDERSTAND themselves and others) and then divided into teams accordingly.  Communication, organization, delegation and mechanical skills will be put to use while teams collectively put together their bikes (CREATE).

When the bikes are completed, a local charity representative will thank the group; and when possible the teams will personally deliver their bikes to deserving children (GIVE-BACK!). This event is sure to leave an impact on everyone involved.

Team Scavenger Hunts


Team Scavenger Hunts  can be customized to meet the needs of the client, the location and the goals and objectives of the group. They can be held in a corporate office, a nearby park or a conference city.  Teams are  given time frames, a mission, tools, clues, and a playing field!  Each team will then need to effectively communicate, strategize, establish their roles and bond.  Winning teams are awarded prizes that will help them on their wellness journey.  Reach out to learn more!

Ice Breakers & Games


Ice-Breakers  are simple ways to challenge thinking, utilize creativity, and provide some good ol’ healthy  laughs.  Games can be in team settings as well as whole group environments. Getting-To-Know-You icebreaker games are excellent at the beginning of an extended group activity such as a conference, class, or camp where you want members to get to know each other thoroughly. We can also lead ice-breakers that are meant to reenergize a group, such as a group led-stretch break or dance.  Reach out to learn more about icebreakers and how to incorporate them into your i.Art Fitness program.

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