The “i.Art"

Interest in Art

“i.Art" or your “Interest in Art” is what allows clients to cater each fitness event to meet their needs. Clients can add education, team-building activities, the WOW factor or event branding. If you have an idea we would love to callaborate and make it a reality. As an event service, we can customize your plan and provide pricing based on how small or how big your vision and budget may be. See i.Art examples below to help get those creative juices flowing.


Keynote Speaker(s)

Nutrition Workshops

Value Workshops

Healthy Cooking Classes

WOW Factor

Live DJ or Event MC

Music Genres and Themes

Light Shows & Body Paint

Event Branded Fitness Studio

Team Building

Ice Breakers & Games

Give Back to a Charity

Group Led Stretch Sessions

Personality Assessments and Activites

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