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Our Mission

To utilize creative programs and unique platforms to inspire people to integrate healthy habits into their everyday lives.
passionate and creative

Who we are

We are event professionals with fitness and nutritional expertise who appeal to the mass senses and demographic we are working with. We are also consultants who align i.Art fitness programs with company and individual goals, then bring these programs straight to your front door.
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Our Promise

Fitness & Health
To provide healthy and fun solutions for staying fit! Our goal with any client is to offer savvy and entertaining fitness programs that help business and people create healthy cultures that in-turn fight off fatigue and encourage productivity and learning!
Timelines & Efficiency
To be on time and work efficiently and effectively. We also vow to help business and people knock down the fitness barriers and excuses of time: “not enough time; too busy with work functions; and I’d rather spend time with friends and family.” That doesn’t fly here!
Innovation & Creativity
To be passionate and think outside the box. We understand the importance of appealing to the mass senses and that no one person is alike, nor is what drives them to live a fit lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping individuals realize their i.Art (interest in art through fitness), in addition to providing resources to help incorporate their discoveries into their wellness journey.
To give great customer service! We deliver quality event management, quality equipment, quality fitness services and quality i.Art programs.
B2B Fitness, Education, Team Building

What we are

i.Art Fitness is a corporate wellness company that creates customized programs comprising of group fitness classes, team building activities, wellness education and value keynotes. We roll out i.Art programs at places of businesses, conferences and corporate retreats.
Amber Rosen, Founder & Owner
Amber Rosen, Founder & Owner